SOLEK Radar Level Transmitter

We are proud to introduce our 80 GHz radar, the new PiloTREK W–200. After a years of development and testing, we have already sold thousands of our new microwave transmitter.

SOLEK 80GHz Radar Level Transmitter

Solek is a leading company in the field of industrial automation instruments. We are committed to providing customers with the most efficient, accurate, and reliable industrial automation solutions. Recently, we have launched a new product - an 80GHz radar level meter.

This new radar level meter is equipped with the latest 80GHz radar technology, which can provide high-precision measurement results in various complex environments. It is suitable for material measurement and monitoring in different industries, such as chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries.
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As a company dedicated to the development and production of industrial automation instruments, Solek in Russia is committed to providing high-quality instruments and services to global customers.Our products mainly include:

  • radar level meters

  • level switches

  • flow meters

  • Pressure Transmitters

SOLEK factory is located in the beautiful city of Novosibirsk

SOLEK have modern production equipment and technology, using advanced production processes and management models to provide customers with efficient, accurate, and reliable industrial automation solutions.

Suitable for various factories

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power plant

coal mine

water treatment

Steel mills

chemical plant

Coking Plant

SOLEK  have the following advantages

  1. High precision: using the latest technology, we achieve more accurate measurement results than traditional instruments.

  2. High reliability: advanced algorithms and signal processing technology ensure high reliability and stability of the measurements.

  3. Easy to install and use: compact design and simple installation steps allow quick installation in any location.

  4. High cost-effectiveness: our products have high cost-effectiveness, long life, and low maintenance costs.

SOLEK senser  Corporation

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